Assam GK MCQ/Quiz Mock test Part 1

We have selected key questions for you to practice and prepare for government exams. Attached below are chapter-wise multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and quiz from each chapter of Assam GK

Assam GK MCQ/Quiz Mock test

The chapter names are listed below.

  1. Alternative Name of Ahom Kings
  2. Assam History
  3. Polity of Assam
  4. Assam in Records
  5. Districts and Sub-Districts
  6. Who’s Who
  7. Assam Geography
  8. Northeast States
  9. Newspaper and Magazines
  10. Assam State And Symbols
  11. Assam Tradition
  12. Historical Monuments and Important Places of Assam
  13. Language and Literature of Assam
  14. The Ethnicity of Assam

Assam GK MCQ/Quiz Mock test on Assam GK

1➤ Which Ahom King was known as Suhungmung?

2➤ Which Ahom King was known as Khura Roja?

3➤ Which Ahom King Planned to invade Bengal?

4➤ Hasti-Vidyarnava is an ancient Assamese treaties on Elephant or Elephantology. It was composed by?

5➤ What is the legislative structure of Assam?

6➤ How many legislative assemblies are there in Assam state?

7➤ What is the total number of districts in Assam?

8➤ In which year, Assam was constituted as a Chief Commissioner’s Province with the seats of the government in Shillong, the erstwhile capital of Assam?

9➤ Who was first Assamese women to act in a film?

10➤ Who is known as Assam Kesari (the Lion of Assam)?

11➤ Assam, which is shaped roughly like a______laid on its side?

12➤ According to Hindu mythology, the Bramhaputra rises as the son of the god Brahma from a sacred pool known as_____?

13➤ On which year Arunachal Pradesh became full fledged State?

14➤ Which was earlier known as North-East Frontier Agency (NEFA)?

15➤ Who founded the Assam Tribune newspaper?

16➤ Who founded the Asam Sahitya Sabha Patrika?

17➤ By the IUCN, the Assam’s State Bird ‘Deohaah’ is classified in which category?

18➤ The Assam’s State Song was first published in which Assamese magazine?

19➤ ‘Kaniyar Kirtan’ was a social drama, written by?

20➤ Who is the father of Assamese Cinema?

21➤ Which among the following district was the birth place of Srimanta Sankardeva?

22➤ In which district ‘Bordowa Satra’ Located?

23➤ From the year 1837 to __, Bengali was the language of the courts and government schools of Assam?

24➤ Where the first English school was established in Assam in the year 1835?

25➤ Which of the following was the earliest Pre Historic settlers of Assam?

26➤ Which ethnic group is the largest in the world?

27➤ Who is known as ‘Forest Man of India’?

28➤ Which forest is named after Jadav Molai Payang?

29➤ Hasti-Vidyanava is an ancient Assamese treaties on Elephant or Elephantology. Written under the orders of Ahom King _____?

30➤ Who introduced Singarighar utha?

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