Coronavirus cases in India touch 137|| 250 Indians in Iran test positive

  1. New Delhi: Over 250 Indians have tested positive in Iran government official in New Delhi on Tuesday as of Tuesday.The total number of COVID-19 causes across India stands at 137.Meanwhile the ICMR the government Apex recharge body has recommended that Private hospital should offer COVID-19 tests for free.Currently the case es of the first step screening Rs 15,00 the additional confirmatory test is 3000.This morning the number of causes was 126 the total number of passengers screen at airports screened at 13,54,858.So far there have been 3 facilities in India helpline email ID for code of address has also been created by the

  2. ICMR Pune has already place order to to Augment the existing stockpile of of reagent to 1 million test which would be available soon.The WHO has also been request to provide additional 1 million propes for testing,” said the researchbody.The government has also come up with a comprehensive tagline for that body management after three people died because of the Deathly virus place the dead body in a leak proof plastic body wake the the exterior of the the body weight can be e the contaminated with 1% Hydrochloric hydrochloride the body weight can be worked with a Mercury sheet for seat provided by the family members guideline.

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